BRENDAN RODGERS believes that there’s a big problem if the SFA compliance officers believe Andrew Davies doesn’t have a case to answer over stamp on Scott Brown.

Speaking ahead of Celtic’s tie with Dundee on Wednesday, the Celtic boss was asked if he thought the automatic two-match ban was enough for the challenge.

“If the authorities deem that to be violent conduct and not excessive, then there’s a problem”

“Simunovic was sent off against Rangers by positioning his elbow, which wasn’t clear but I can see why it was a sending off and he got a two-match ban.

“But when you have a tackle like that (Davies Stamp), which could be career ending, does that warrant the same? Two games?”

“There has to be a line you can’t cross, and that did”


  1. I am pretty sure the Compliance Officer will have viewed that tackle by now. However when other referees come out and say that the tackle on Scott was a dangerous possible career ending tackle, then surely action will be taken. HH.

  2. Here we go , Billy Dodds sticking his nose in where it should not be.! The same wee cheat that won’t pay taxes to his queen! . Stealing money from all of us! Is here no shame in these people? Dodds, get back under the stone you crawled out from under! You are just a wee midden! No one should be listening to you, and as for the rags to publish it, well they are grasping at straws, to sell the rags!!!

  3. It was a Celtic player who was assaulted no prizes there
    for guessing the outcome.

    As for Billy Dodds only in Scotland do tax cheats in football( depending on who you play for) get little
    publicity by the Scottish media as in everything else.

  4. Of course we have a problem at the SFA. It is called corruption and bigotry. The people at the top are completely immoral. The SFA needs disbanded as it is not fir for purpose. Only the 3 letters in the title make sense, as this is what they are good for. The present compliance officer obviously has no moral compass if he has seen this stamp and not deemed it worthy of further punishment.

    Will these constant attacks on Brown continue and be allowed to continue? If so, What happens if a serious injury occurs? I think we have reached a dangerous stage. I agree with Frank above – it may be time to consider police and court action.

    On Sunday, Mr McLean, the referee did his job and did it well. He was right at the flashpoint and acted decisively and with clarity, without fuss. Good on him. It stopped further infringements. The referee has a special responsibility to protect players from deliberate acts of thuggery like this. If only the SFA could have done its job properly. However, the rules are not applied consistently.

    It is time the SFA were accountable.

  5. Just Wait till we have won the league………….And then send in some of the development squad to right some wrongs on these pricks………………………………………………….in fact bring in some trialists to do them harm and then let them go with a backhander, and watch them all up in arms after………………………..scum fuqs…..Hail Hail


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