KRIS COMMONS believes Celtic fans must cool their expectations and told them Eddie Howe is not the messiah. The older readers on here will applaud my restraint for not quoting Monty Pythons, but Kris Commons again is trying to rain on Celtic fans parade.

Nobody thinks Eddie the instant fix to all our woes but he’s the very best manager we could have feasibly landed after the Neil Lennon debacle.

The Bournemouth manager seems like a perfect fit for the Celtic job at this moment in time.

After having 18 month of Neil Lennon, it will be a significant change of pace and from what some friends down at Bournemouth are telling me; Howe will win over Celtic fans with his brand of football.

But Kris Commons wants supporters to be wary of the appointment and stresses he’s not Brendan Rodgers.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Commons said: “I understand the excitement.

“Of all the runners and riders who have been mentioned, Howe ticks a lot of boxes.

“He is a young, progressive coach with a history of playing attacking football.

“He’s also a name that will get the fans onside and ensure a spike in season ticket sales.

“But it comes with a caveat. Howe is not the Messiah in the way Martin O’Neill was.

“Nor is he Brendan Rodgers, who revelled in the limelight from the moment he arrived.

“O’Neill and Rodgers were forces of nature throughout their time in Glasgow.

“Their personality and weight of character always gave them a chance of succeeding.

“Howe, by contrast, seems more reserved.

“He is articulate, but softly spoken. It is difficult to imagine him holding court in the dressing room in the same way O’Neill or Rodgers did.”

Kris always has to take an angle for his column and it’s exhausting he goes for the negative spin more often than not.

Positivity rarely keeps a column going after all.

Eddie Howe will be a step in the right direction of his appointment is confirmed in the coming days and weeks.


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