Celtic midfielder Callum McGregor has admitted that currently the hoops are conceding too many goals and need to do better defensively.

As reported by the Herald, speaking to Celtic Tv McGregor admitted the defensive record does need to improve and conceding some of the silly goals we have this season needs to be cut out.

“We probably made it more difficult than what it should have been (yesterday).

“At the start of the second half we look good, we look comfortable, get the third goal and then you probably fancy us to see it out 3-1 or 4-1 but I think that’s something that we have to really work on, in terms of conceding goals.

“We’re conceding too many goals as a team, shots from the edge of the box and things like that which is not really us. We have to work on that, we’ll need to look at it and make sure going forward that we don’t concede as many goals.”

So far this season, the Scottish Champions have conceded five goals in the league, with a further two in Champions League qualifying.

If you look at the record in comparison to the last few seasons, Celtic’s defensive record in the league is in line with those, having conceded the same amount of goals at this point last season too.

Taking it into perspective though, and looking at the performances on the park, in some games the goals that have been scored against us have been poor.

Yesterday probably wasn’t a good example of that but in the season overall, there have been some poor defensive performances.

It is something, that needs to improve, with European games on the horizon. I do believe though, the addition of Shane Duffy, will certainly help that and the defence will improve over time.


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