CELTIC’S third kit will be unveiled tomorrow but if you keep in touch with Celtic via social media you would have already seen the shirt doing the rounds.

New Balance has not gone for the subtle approach after last years pink jersey and came up with a luminous green for the final instalment of their Celtic 17/18 trilogy which consists of a cracking Hoops home shirt and a very classy dark green away jersey.

This strip is likely to be more polarising than the other two.


  1. Shock Horror,Celtic Release Green 3rd Kit.Just a Thought on Why Caixinha was going on About His globe Trotting Super Stars not allowed to wear Green Boots etc.Last i checked The playing surface at the Debt Dome is GREEN.Everything and Everyone over te Dark Side literally wreaks to high heaven of Desperation.Will the Zombie Apocolypse FC put up a great fight and Steam Roll the Scottish Premier League with there 3rd Rate Signings and Loanees.According to Them,They”re a 6 Year Old Club thats Going For 55 Titles ,Oh and They Dont Do Walking Away…..This season Ahead Will Definitely Be Entertaining and Hilariously Funny.Send On The Laughs…….HH GGAW!!!!

  2. Boycott every fcking game against The Cheating Scum,Until there is Justice For The Blatant Robbing of Every Clubs support Home and Abroad.The SFA are an absolute Disgrace,Them and There Brethren over at the Debt Dome are Soooo Transparent.

  3. So a new broom doesn’t sweep clean it just sweeps it under the carpet. The clubs and football authorities are complicit in this ongoing fraudulent charade. Declare yourself bankrupt to evade punishment and have your misdemeanours condoned. Totally unacceptable. Strip the Titles


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