It has been no secret that Celtic has been chasing Patrick Roberts since he left at the end of last season.

The reason for so much speculation thus far is the club has not been given a definite no by Manchester City in their pursuit of the midfielder.

Brendan Rodgers spoke on Friday about Patrick and how there is still a chance the Englishman could wear the Hoops again.

“It’s something we would look at. Pat would be amazing for here. I think everyone could see that.

“But it all goes down to, one, Manchester City and how they see his future there. He has gone away on tour with them and got some game time. They will make a decision after that.

“The club can bring him here. It’s more going to be whether the player sees this as the next step for him.”

We understand the player is more than open to a return to Celtic Park.

Patrick was an unused substitute against Spurs for City’s final game in the States.


  1. This young man is the next step for Celtic if they want to be genuine champions league qualifiers on a consistent basis. If it takes £8 or £10 million so be it. In 3 or four years time if he keeps improving he could be a £30 million pound player.i believe he is the best young wide player in the country at the minute and a potential legend in the making. On a different note I think young McGregor was one of our bigger success story’s last year but always seems to be taken for granted.He is very good at ball retention and clever on the ball as he tries To drive forward which Is very important,especially in tight games.

    • Agree 100%, young McGregor makes himself available for a pass, can see a pass and can finish as well. Definitively on my 1st 11.

  2. Speculate to accumulate has this not been the Celtic philosophy over the past wee while and put them in the commanding position they hold now. Going rates are such that they will have to up their game In order to secure the lucrative rewards that lay ahead in the champions league.

    Take the bull by the horns and make city an offer seeing as Patrick wants to come here and the club want him here. Sometimes you have to go that extra mile in order to achieve your goal. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

  3. First you cannot afford him.. 25 mil dont have.

    2nd city should NEVER send another player on loan to a club who after doing them a favor want to keep the player and think he is already theirs.

    The bone and dog league is ok for training but anyone with ambition would move asap.

    I saw the celtic fans had riots in sunderland again stay north of the border.. please bigots still living in the 70 s.

    • First, did you pull 25 million out of your arse?

      Second, if it’s a bone and dog league, how well did you do against us home and away last season? Who was the last English team to beat us? You have a squad worth over 300 million quid and you couldn’t beat us. A library has a better atmosphere than your stadium. Don’t be talking about ambition, your only winning trophies since some Arabs bought you as a toy.

      The only riot in Sunderland yesterday was on the scoreboard from our reserve team.

    • First of all,Why don’t you learn to spell properly.Favour…isnt Favor you idiot.Secondly we deal in facts up here.and the fact is we gaveyou lot the fright of.your football life while showing of the EPL how to play your team and get success. As far as the visit to Sunderland goes we defender ourselves against a shower of Scumbags and Fascist bastArds who have a home in England and especially Manchester.??

    • That’s one of the worst attempts at a wind up I have ever seen. What a pathetic little man you are. Get back to your porn.

    • You would think that rangers supporters would have enough to be concerned about .Dont start commenting on other teams,we can do without sevco fans dishing out advice on how we should carry out our business .???

  4. Fuck off this site you hun wot are you doing on hear just coz use are cheating fuck wits paddy will be back Brandon Rogers knows more than you think as paddy was a unused player last night to rest him for us to sing him the Mora and put him in as wild card watch and see hail hail hun ???????????????

  5. Nobhead night

    Perhaps young Paddy wants to play in a full stadium with an atmosphere – hence his preferred destination. Not so many years ago since shitty did not have a pot to piss in – no history no style – money will not buy this.!!!

  6. what is way zombies on celtic pages?
    must because their pages are full of lies and racist bigoted shite.
    stick to your own pages ya shower of scummy bastards….rant over HAIL HAIL.


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