CELTIC look to up the standard of their matchday experience again with the introduction of a Celtic Fanzone.

According to the Evening Times, Celtic have contacted Glasgow City Council about purchasing a plot of derelict land on Janefield street which would see the club transform the land and further regenerate the East End area which has undergone a drastic revamp over the past ten years.

Fan zones have become big business in European football, giving all fans the chance to congregate before games and take in music as well as food and drink.

With the club also planning a hotel outside the ground in the coming years, Celtic are looking to be the ultimate fan experience in Scottish football and beyond.

With the club doing so well on the field, they are making great strides off it.



  1. The land is an eyesore and Glasgow Council should sell it for one pound on the proviso that Celtic develop the land ASAP. Simple.Win Win

  2. It’s a multi story car park we need since some clown has came up with the idea of a one mile parking exclusion it’s going to cause a lot of empty seats then fans having to give up season tickets

  3. Yes this is what Celtic fans get all the time as said the ground is an eyesore this should have been done yrs ago for fans to gather before games: Also regarding new Hotel good idea but Park Head requires to be completed and capacity made much bigger so there is no waiting list with the parking problem plus no extra Trains or Buses being put on Supporters will stop coming to the game so there need to be a lot of serious thought put into the hole Construction of the hole planing and think into the future making sure fans keep cumming with all Foreign players and fans from all over the world coming to Park Head making sure they can get Tickets for all Games they turn up for. hh ktf


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