Celtic have confirmed they haven’t passed on any away tickets to third party vendors after briefs to the upcoming Hibs game became available on an event site.

Away tickets are a point of contention among the support now fans are allowed back in stadiums. The away day briefs are very hard to come by unless you have been going to the games for a long time.

Celtic have yet to change things up or allow a facility for fans to be given the opportunity to support the team on away days.

That’s why it’s frustrating to see some of these tickets fall into the hands of third party companies who sell the tickets for inflated prices. We don’t want to advertise the site so we’ll not be linking to the tickets that are currently on sale.

We contacted Celtic about the issue and they made it clear the club have nothing to do with these tickets getting into the hands of event companies.

Screenshot from the event website claiming to have 14 tickets available for the Celtic End at Easter Road.

This was backed up by Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor on social media: ‘The Club doesn’t issue tickets to agencies for away games for resale’

Is Hibs allowing some tickets to go to these agencies or are Celtic fans selling these on?


  1. Hmmmmmmmm if were talking hundreds of tickets them it sounds like the Hibees trying to make an extra few bucks,but if were only talking a few dozen then its so called Celtic fans greed outweighing their passion to watch the team,absolutely shocking.I would visit Pittodrie as a 14yr old(i say visiting? i actually moved from Irvine Ayrshire to Aberdeen as a 8yold in 1970)so when the Bhoys visited Aberdeen my da allowed me to go and try and buy any spare ticket available from the Celtic supporters buses.Face value was always the going rate but on one particular occasion some chancer was trying to charge me more than face value,i cant remember how much probably 50p or something but 50p back in the 70’s a lot more a substantial amount than it is today .Some Celtic fans overheard the chancer and they went apeshit on the guy,”trying to profit from a fellow Tim” and some more choice words rained down on the guy and he soon changed his asking price to face value.Anyways getting to the point even as a 14 yr old i can remember a sense of pure pride and contentment at the actions/commaraderie of my fellow Celtic fans.HH


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