Celtic Shared have been part of a number of Celtic groups who have called for The club NOT to hire Bernard Higgins.

The police chief has been tipped to take on a high influence security role at Celtic, the decision being met with vigorous opposition from supporters.

Higgins was a massive influence during the offensive behaviour act days where normal football fans and plenty of Celtic supporters were targeted and harassed by the outrageously unpopular legislation.

The banner at Celtic Park was the beginning of the protest but not the end, we also had the half an hour silence against Livingston. On Sunday, a group of supporters disrupted the start of the Dundee vs Celtic game by throwing tennis balls onto the field just after kick off.

Celtic Shared have thanked people for their support on the day and have warned more protests are more than likely if the board continue with this appointment.

At a time when we all should be pulling in the same direction, it’s regrettable Celtic have seemingly looked to make such a deeply unpopular decision.

Hopefully, the club will not be so stubborn as to ignore these protests and listen to their fan base.


  1. Not one of these so called fans are worthy to be considered Celtic “supporters” because the one thing yoy are NOT doing is SUPPORTING the club! You are turning us into the moronic mob who used to follow Scotland’s now extinct rangers!
    Get behind the club and let the elected board do it’s job!

  2. If the board ,many of whom shouldn’t be on a Celtic board ,we’re doing their job properly then this man wouldn’t even be allowed inside Parkhead never mind being employed there .

  3. Just who do these morons think they are?? they want to tell the club who they can hire or not hire! They embarrass the club every year with their anti poppy crap (do they not realise that thousands of Irishmen also died in the wars) signing crap like “stick your poppy up your arse” how would they feel if Joe Hart had trod on a tennis ball & twisted his ankle? I’m the son of an Irish immigrant, I’m 68 now & have supported Celtic all of my life & these fools disgust me!!

  4. Jebus, one day I would love to read a Celtic site that has no grief, shite like this is taking over from good news about the team, and personally, I couldn’t give a rats arse if fellow Celtic fans think I’m a “ Hun” because I have the cheek to think for myself, as we saw on Sunday, any great news about the club in a buried under this pish, and I for one am sick of it.

  5. There are avenues for fans to express their views. Disrupting the players/game. Is silly. Giving the spfl what they want. Next we will have points reduced. !!

  6. Optimus seems to forget that we’re it not for the ,DIFFERENT, fan groups we would still have Lawwell .
    A man , who for all his good work , still managed to cost us 10 in a row.
    He got a bonus for 9 BUT the objective all along was 10 .
    He effectively cost the club £90 million by STUBBORNLY refusing to pay £9 million for McGinn and Toney AND didn’t even have the common sense to ASK FORSTER if he wanted to stay !
    Possibly if the board had done their jobs right we would have got the 10.

  7. Shut up Joe.. This horrible hun Mason shouldn’t be anywhere near celtic Park, good on them real fans that travel to every away game, buy the season tickets and merchandise, of course they don’t want to pay the wages of this horrible hun.

  8. Higgins is the guy who says if you have a can of beer in your hand on way to the match , which is illegal, then you cannot attend a match until you have been to court which could possibly be 2 years BUT if you are caught drunk driving you can continue to drive , again until court case , as soon as you sober up .
    Effectively giving Police greater powers than the courts .
    Unless of course you believe that ANYONE is innocent until proven otherwise .

  9. the team is being undermined every time there is nonsense before the game,the players must be allowed to stay focus.100% focus now is required to win the title…its bad enough that the establishment are doing their very best to stop us, without the enemy within also helping them…hail hail..o bella ciao..

  10. Put it this way mr scum higgins fuck us celtic fans over i dont know how many times just look at the huns in George Square i didn’t see mr masonic higgins doig anything to they scumbags they were pishing and drinking on our streets plus causing trouble everywhere they went yet again mr rat face higgins was no were as usual why because he’s a dirty rat mason masonic bastard who should be know were near parkhead not unless he goes in 1 of those graves over the wall at paradise honest i hate police scum scotland..


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