It’s safe to say, the THIRD very late goal in a short period of time has broken a lot of people who thought Sunday was the day Celtic were going capitulate away from home.

No such luck.

Edouard forcing the play with James Forrest pushing into the box and returning it to the Frenchman who calmly slotted it home ensured all three points for the bhoys and sent our rivals daft.

Social media is a funny thing after a game like Sunday. So much frustration followed by sheer joy, happiness and a right few ‘get it up yeez’.

One of the best things we happened upon during our social media excavation was a league table. Now, this was no ordinary league table, this was a league table that discounted goals after 90 minutes and showed you how the table would look otherwise.

For anyone who isn’t following, it’s a league table that completely disregards Celtic winning games. Low and behold, Celtic are still top of that league too!

They’re that broke they’re coming up with fictitious league tables that they can’t even top!

Whatever gets you through the season!



  1. Me too, how aboot ref assisted goals of any kind consistantly over the years before and after sevco were formed. Or would that sound out the real truth. These peeipil don’t know the pain of dodgy decisions.And rhe aftwr affect

  2. The bigots and racists just can’t hide it can they? They are really hurting. Scotland is institutionally bigoted and racist. The Establishment actually cultivates it and certain members of the MSM propagate it.

    We have an utterly stupid radio Clyde caller saying Odsonne was offside at the cutback. How the hell can you be offside at a CUTBACK? Such lack of reason is born in bigotry which is learned from parents and families. Bigots see what they want to see, not what is actually there.

    I lost any respect I had for Jim McIntyre yesterday. He obviously lacks reasoning powers as well. Six minutes were added on for 3 head injuries and 5 substitutions. The Time has been dealt with elsewhere and was accurate for these stoppages. It was added on for BOTH TEAMS to use to win the game. What f… universe is McIntyre in? What he said was utterly illogical and senseless.

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