CELTIC could be set to up the pressure on Michael Beale over the next few weeks, as The Rangers look to finish the season strongly.

Michael Beale v Celtic

The Glasgow Derby at Celtic Park on Easter Saturday is being branded as a must win for the Enflish gaffer, otherwise he’ll face the pressure from the Ibrox support, with Beale still to show his worth as The Rangers manager.

So, it’s over to Celtic to test the manager, to see if he can really handle the pressure. Early signs show that he can’t after he was too scared to start Cantwell and Raskin in the Cup Final, saying they weren’t fit enough to start, just to contradict himself a week later.

Mark Hateley said: [Grosvenor Sport]

“Michael [Beale] is a smart guy. He knows the demands and expectations. He came in knowing there were nine players out of contract so he will have been working immediately on replacing the ones that he won’t keep. However, he has to keep getting performances and victories out of players that won’t be here next season and he has been managing to do that. But he has to find a way to get a win against Celtic.

“If he loses the league match on April 8, the tsunami will only get closer and closer until it comes crashing down – but that’s what being at Rangers is all about. You have to handle that pressure.”

The pressure won’t even reach it’s highest if The Rangers don’t win at Celtic Park, if they go trophyless this season, and Celtic win the treble, questions will be asked of Beale. He will be held responsible for two of the three cups at Ibrox, after he distanced himself from the gap in the league.


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