OSDONNE EDOUARD came on and made a real impact against Morton yesterday but it still doesn’t justify the asking price for the striker.

It’s been widely reported that it will cost Celtic £8million to make the Edouard transfer permanent and while he’s had a few moments this season – it’s hardly amounted £8million worth of potential.

Celtic cannot afford a project that expensive. However, if Rodgers is impressed enough with Edouard then it would be sensible to go to PSG and negotiate. Would the mega rich club be willing to come down significantly on the price?

Anything over £3million and Celtic would be taking a huge gamble, not just financially but the criticism the Frenchman would come under for nor performing in some games with a hefty price tag would weigh him down. Just look at Olivier Ntcham who came to Celtic for a little over £4million – he had a bad run of games after a promising start and fans were on him because how much we had shelled out for him.

The transfer just wouldn’t work if Celtic paid over the odds for a developing star.

Edouard gives Celtic something a little different, height and power up front and when he’s on it he certainly can chip in with a goal or two.

It remains to be seen if Edouard would fancy the move full time – I think he’d struggle back at PSG to get any game time whatsoever due to their financial muscle being so great they can sign top players.

I’m on the fence with Edouard – if we can get him for the right price then let’s do a deal. If PSG stick to their guns then it will be Au Revoir for the Frenchman.


  1. I agree , anything over 3 million for him woul be far too much, decent enough player to have around though but on our terms not Paris terms

  2. Where has this figure of £8million come from?
    How do you know it is that figure? Believe nothing you read in the MSM.
    Celtic know their business and I, for one, want this kid to stay.
    His scoring in 10 starts has been excellent, but much more impressive is how he makes space for others and also turns Dembele into a better player.
    Odsonne has it in spades.

  3. Hey we can afford it!! no worries there but anyway wont cost that 3 to 4 million will be enough and i would buy him and if he starts at the hell hole next week he run riot hail hail


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