CALLUM MCGREGOR has refused to make excuses for Sunday’s draw in the Capital.

CeltsAreHere attended a post-match press conference with the captain, where he stated he believed that the team played well and refused to admit the group were growing fatigued.

“I thought we were more like ourselves and we limited them to very little. I don’t see tiredness within the group.

“The manager has chopped and changed recently, which should help us going into the latter part of the season. We did things he asked us to do and sometimes it just doesn’t fall for you.”

Before the match, Tam Mcmanus stated that he believed the Celtic squad were getting leggy due to the style of football the manager demands that the players play.

The high pressing football can be tiring for the team; even on the ball, the team must be energetic.

Moving the ball from the back to the front efficiently is the key to Postecoglou’s philosophy, as well as pressing the opposition deep in their half. The manager firmly believes that attack is the best form of defence.

Postecoglou ensured he had a fresh squad for the game, resting his key players during the week.

As he has more opportunities to add layers to his squad, he will be able to rotate his team and replace quality with quality.


  1. The League is as it should always be all teams giving there best,right now all the teams are fighting harder to get a point and even in some cases take 3 points,when games like that one on Sunday played out i just think we should have put on forwards and went Route One in there face in there box we do need to mix some games and stop just going through the motions it would be 1 or both wingers off 2 forwards on and attack with wing backs and play that ball on the ground around and in there box,but we are still top and that is great…


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