Celtic’s game against Livingston should have taken place earlier in September; however, the games were postponed due to the Queen passing away.

In a season where there’s not much room to reschedule fixtures, the logic of postponing the full SPFL card still seems misguided.

Celtic have announced the game will now go head days before Christmas. The Hoops will entertain Livingston on December 21st. Also, just days after the World Cup Final has taken place.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

The fixture list between now and the beginning of the World Cup is hectic. Celtic’s squad is expected to be tested to the limit. They host Motherwell this weekend and go straight out to Germany at the beginning of next week to take on Leipzig in the Champions League.

It’s a good problem to have, but it’s going to be a marathon run between now and November. When the World Cup is going on, the players left behind at Celtic will head to Australia to take part in the Sydney Cup which will give us some sort of Celtic fix while the World Cup is going on.


  1. So the game’s gone from a relatively warm September afternoon to a freezing and no doubt wet December night all because they decided to cancel football when other sport was going ahead.


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