RECORD SPORT is tonight reporting Jozo Simunovic is in the dock and will find out on Friday if he will be subject to any further action for his challenge on Hibernian player Oli Shaw.

The player could be reprimanded if the compliance officer believes there was any malice in a challenge between the Croatian and Shaw when they both competed for the ball.

Out of all the incidents we have seen over the past few days, you have to wonder what the motive is behind a move that absolutely nobody was talking about during or after the game. The worst challenge of the night came from Hibernian’s Darnley Johnson who could have broken Emilio Izaguirre’s leg towards the end of the game. There is no word yet if Darnell will be subject to a harsher punishment for the challenge.

If the compliance officer finds Jozo Simonivc guilty of any wrongdoing then the player would miss Celtic’s Scottish Cup game against St Johnstone on Sunday.


  1. Those two words don’t go together….record sport! Don’t think for one minute the compliance person won’t do Simovic for the tackle, he’ll get done for sure! The wee sh1te Darnell will get off Scot free, as will the dirty b@stard two fingers mcgregor, a right thug. The the wee moreorless he’ll get away with it too. They are gunning for us, and they will do anything to weaken our position. Stay strong Celtic, feck em all. HH

  2. No surprise we live in one of the most corrupt countries ie Scotland corrupt SFA
    Corrupt referees corrupt government and who can forget Scotland’s biggest shame club skintco

  3. celtic players should sue sfa or referees who provide no protection to players
    because someone is going to get a serious injury


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