All through the summer it had been reported Celtic were looking to bag a head of operations or director of football to facilitate the modernisation of the club.

Celtic themselves never came out and said it, but it was widely accepted they were courting several candidates.

Sources close to the club told CeltsAreHere back in the summer – the plan was to have someone in place after Nick Hammond was released.

Fergal Harkin was heavily tipped to take the position – the Irishman being recommended to the club. However, like the Eddie Howe acquisition it appeared to fall through. Again, the club didn’t publicly comment on this because they never publicly stated their desire to install someone to such a position.

Celtic fans want to see people with real knowledge and expertise helping the manager out in the coming months – especially in the January window. If you’re hoping the Hoops board are still looking for someone – I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Ginty1888 attended the Celtic Fan Forum on the last Thursday of October and wrote one of the majors takeaways from the meeting was no firm commitment to a Director of football or Sporting Director role.

• No commitment on DoF or Head of Football Operations.

Fans Forum: Where are we on the rebuild?

Celtic: We had a successful transfer window. Looking to support Ange with rebuild.

Fans Forum: Previous CEO talked about modernisation within Club. Any update on Dir of Football & time NEDs have been at Club?

C: Club has modernised in recent years. Will keep improving & pushing forward.

The nature of these meetings can seem like a PR exercise at times. Celtic should come out and let us know what they’ve done to modernise. On the face of things, they haven’t.

We then have a guy in Dom McKay, an outsider who came into the club to modernise tell fans every facet of the club was under scrutiny and big changes would take place; he lasted 72 days in his role.

There are still major question marks over the way our board operate.


  1. To be honest it won’t make any difference this season. The weekend fells like and is a significant one in terms of the League. celtic could have put a lot of pressure on the rangers but blew the chance and bottled it through an abject performance against a rotten team and predictably therangers came out and hammered Motherwell. It would have been different if Celtic had beaten Livingstone. Would the rangers have bottled it,we will never know because of the weakness of the Celtic performance from the manager to the players. This is a turning point. I fully expect Celtic to drop more points in the run up to the new year because we are weak. By the time therangers come to CP they will be 10 points in front and the game will be meaningless. This one cannot be swept under the carpet or forgotten. As they romp to the title this will be remembered.

    • All down to one penalty decision, the guy that took it, stroked it into the Livie goalkeepers loving breast.

      If some other player took it, and hit a post, missed the goal, the Livie goalkeeper saved it.Would that change things
      Celtic weren’t gifted the spot kick, the guy never scored.Move on, he now (like everybody connected to Celtic) feels like they had all their teeth pulled at once.

      Today we have forgotten, what happened on Saturday.
      So the foe be won, hopefully we can push them as far as possible, see how the points tally looks after March 2022.

      In Anger we trust in. Well we all have to.


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