An unprovoked assault took place in the aftermath of Celtic’s victory against The Rangers on Sunday which Police Scotland are refusing to recognise as a sectarian or football related attack according to Irish News.

Celtic Fan, Charlie Phelan was visiting Scotland from Derry to watch his side win the Glasgow derby.

It was after the game when he was heading back that the incident would occur in Ayrshire.

Speaking about the incident to Irish News, Charlie’s friend and fellow Celtic fan Dermot Rogan said: “We had stopped in Girvan for fish and chips as we always do.

“As we came out, a crowd of fellas came running at us from a bus. There were women and children on the bus as well.

“Charlie was the first out and the guy in front hit him and he fell and when he tried to get up, the guy hit him again. Charlie didn’t know what was going on.”

Charlie himself was wearing a Celtic scarf and believes he was targeted because of it – while none of the thugs were wearing Gers shirts – he did notice one of them was wearing union jack shorts.

Still understandably shaken by the whole incident – Charlie, who has been coming over from Ireland to watch Celtic for 25 years says he won’t be back and described the extent of his injuries.

“I have to have reconstructive surgery to my cheekbone and I’ve suffered fractures to my fingers and wrist as well. They could have killed me. I had no chance to defend myself.

“They think he might have had a knuckleduster because the doctor said he must have had something hard in his hand for the damage he caused.

“My face is a mess and it’s sore. The anger hasn’t even sunk in yet. I will not be back.”

It’s a sad state of affairs when a Celtic fan can’t wear his colours out and about after a football game because of mindless thugs.

Police Scotland are looking into this case but as we said at the top, there is no plans to treat this as a sectarian or football related attack.

It’s pretty clear why the perpetrators targeted Charlie.

We hope he has a speedy recovery and that he changes his mind and comes back to watch his beloved Celtic.

The club should roll out the green carpet for him upon his return.


  1. Absolutely thuggery. Obvious to anyone with half a brain why he was targeted. Police Scotland are a disgrace and don’t look for support from so-called anti-sectarian organisations in Scotland. Best wishes to Charlie and hope he’s back supporting the Bhoys soon.

  2. Does not surprise anyone does it, police are as bad as the crap that did this, don’t expect any protection from this lot ,as you say , does not take any brains to see the reason behind this, scumbags,hope he recovers soon,hh,

  3. No Wonder most of the folks that visit The west coast during a Glasgow derby, always have one or. More of their phone’s recording Fuc&ing senseless bunch of munch.Being buried Nine foot down in a small box Wae live hungry rats ALIVE, is far to leniant.Maybe they were Chelsea supporters on their hols too.

  4. Of course it’s Sectarian.
    In Ayrshire.
    It’s Sectarian.
    Scotland has a problem with (that the SNP/Scot Govt tried clumsily to deal with) a Right-Wing violent faction of Brit-Nat Loyalists. They meet out abuse, violence and Sectarian attacks to minorities and Celtic fans or those they can identify as Catholic or indeed Scottish Self-Determinationists. This same faction can be seen ‘protesting’ at Indy events ( ) ( among their members you will find known individuals that are former members of or are linked to the SDL, EDL, BNP, Britain First, National Front and of course the Orange Order to name but a few.

    So when the courts and Police tell you that a letter bomb and bullet campaign is not Terror, yet the bombers are recorded discussing placing a bomb at a Police Station with the intention of causing an explosion and somehow they get 5 years and are now known to attending matches at Ibrox following their early release, when a Celtic fan wearing colours get assaulted and blinded by a group of Ayrshire thugs, with at least one wearing Union Jack colours and the Police say it’s NOT sectarian.. then you know Scotland has a problem.

    Scotland is blind to the very real threat posed by Right-Wing Loyalist extremists and is refusing to deal with it.

    Then of course there was the active terrorists that just a few years ago enacted a campaign of fear and intimidation ( ) ( ) ( ) against prominent Self-Determinationists, Catholics and people connected to Celtic including manager Neil Lennon, which the Scottish media did everything to ignite and nothing to extinguish.

  5. From what I have read about this assault particularly on the Huddleboard various Celtic fans have quickly worked out where this thug came from and why he was in Girvan, travelling back from an Orange walk in Belfast. He had been on the Stena line ferry from Belfast at 3.30 and had caused trouble on the boat.
    Stena have banned these folk and their vehicles from the Boat.

    Meanwhile Police Scotland haven’t made an arrest


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