CHRIS SUTTON has used his platform on BT Sport to state that Celtic fans will tonight be ‘worried about the unknown’ after The Rangers appointed Steven Gerrard.

In a day where you can hear the echo of screen shots being made by Celtic fans all across the world at the sheer volume of nonsense then you’ll have to forgive us if we don’t agree with you this time Chris.

Celtic have seen and heard the drill before.

We agree with Chris that the Ibrox club are going into the unknown. However, Brendan Rodgers is a man on a mission with the intelligence, aptitutude and experience to deliver success no matter what’s thrown at him. Celtic fans know this.


  1. Every journalist seems to think that Celtic will not do anything and will not strengthen. I imagine that Brendan Rodgers ghas already spoken to Big Pete and told him that he needs to dip into the funds available to ensure that this lot are kept in their place. I don’t know where Gerrard will start? The whole place is a shambles. He has a squad of very poor players none of whom will be of the standard expected by Gerrard. Many are contracted until 2020? What is he going to do with them? No one is going to buy these clowns and their loser toxicity will just be stinking up the place. Pay them off? This is the best idea but it will take millions. Big Bruno is on 16 grand a week 800 grand! Hopefully the ludicrous nonsense spouted this week has the same effect on the Celtic board and the reaction is positive.

    • No matter what they may or may not do, Celtic need steady one quality experienced centre half, a quality right back, possibly a replacement for Dembele, Patrick Roberts, and Armstrong on a two year extension or sold.

    • Someone please let me know how the Scouse git with a criminal background is going to resurrect Sevco. Why don’t the blue eejits allow the dying “club” shuffle off this mortal coil in peace.

  2. I can see where big Chris is coming from.but i personally would think that most Celtic fans would be more intrigued and looking forward to next season a lot more than we normally would because of Gerrards appointment.Most would welcome either a challenge or an epic fail from Stevies Sevco.
    If and i mean IF Gerrard is given anything near the “war chest” promised by the lying king,then i hope that Lawell and the rest of the board show Sevco what the true meaning of the David Murray quote “for every £5 they spend we will spend £10” truely means.If Gerrard is given funds to bring a better quality of player to Ibrox then Brendan must be given funds to not only compete but out buy Gerrard.
    All of these scenarios can only be good for us the paying/watching customer.

  3. Rodgers knows Slippery Steve very well. He’ll know if he is anything to be worried about, and that will be reflected in the summers business. If he think he can turn Andy Halliday into frank lampard, then he’ll tell the board we need money spent.
    Somehow I don’t think he’ll be any more concerned than if mcinnes had taken the job.

  4. I’ve doubt you would see as much bullshit bounding about over this appointment if you were at a cattle market why did Liverpool overlook this Messiah to sign Klopp you could feed these gullible bears any nonsense to get their ticket money.

  5. Plenty hot air flying around. He can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk. Stevie G welcome to the city which has ruined many a reputation. Your family and everything you do is now in the spotlight. You blink and it will be pounced upon. Ready? You better be.

  6. This can only be good for ‘Scottish Football’. A bit more exposure and focus may up the standard perhaps.
    The true supporter should be wary, SG has never managed at this level and never mind GM as number 2, Celtic are too good on and off the park. The gulf in class is not just in football, conduct, community, communication and quality in business practices its these behaviours that will take years to develop. Good luck bears you will need it and a lot more.

  7. There is a limit as what Gerrard can accomplish as a rookie manager. Big spending won’t guarantee his success. However, no matter what our Celtic minded journo says, WORRIED WE AIN’T FELLA! No back off this tripe and play with Crags and the gardiner. WORRIED, HUH.

  8. Where is all this money COMING FROM? Its only a few days ago the Bucket of Bolts ran to Close Bros for a LOAN to see out the season.
    King said to a Officer of the Court that he was BROKE SKINT where has this money ? come from???
    If Gerrard believes a word from the South Africans mouth then he is Dumber than he looks.
    Celtic Fan my arse the mutt would be a fan of anyone who “Giz us a jobmate”.
    It will be interesting to see who will allow any Half Decent players to come North to a mob whose Finincial Clout is that of A Mouse On Crutches.
    He would have been better off learning his Trade in England’s lower Leagues instead of with Dodgy Dave the South African Criminal. Methinks he is going to get a crash course in Dodgy Finance and let’s hope he will learn something from the Experience. H H

  9. Us bhoys n ghirls,Worried…lolololololol Aaw ffs when will these fekkin idiots Ever learn.Sevco are on a high after getting an Under 18 manager in to steady a Sinking Ship.Believe Me that Ghastly Ship is letting in everywhere.All we hear from the Zombies is Talking A Good Game.We let our Football do Our Talking.Im confident My Club are Going to Smash Our Untainted 9 In A Row.Oldco Are Gone,Buried.That Club Died chasing (Obsessing)over the Lisbon Lions.Now here We have this Circus Tribute Act making noise,Obsessing over Anything and Everything CELTIC.My Club will be the Ending of Sevco,Facts are facts.Time for that Rancid Mb to be put Firmly Well and Truly in there Place,Liquidated Gone Sia Nara…HH Glasgows Forever Green n White

  10. SKY: SG, how did your first derby match go?
    SG:EHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEts a grand old team to play for EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETs a grand old team to see

  11. The only way the tribute act can spin this, to their advantage is……. Get Steven to play at the back Wae Alves. Two auld past it clunkers. Wullies Waddlle will be turning in his orange boax

  12. Worried about Gerrard and Sevco lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha.There Sick Obsession with Celtic killed that other Cretinous Club.Now there Obsession with Celtic is certainly alarming to say the least.There last throw of the Dice.There Illness is sure going to Bury Them Forever.They could never Ever play Honestly and Get to the Summit.Thats Facts.

  13. The money is coming from the sale alfredo morelos 300million as hes been chosen to play chunck in goonies 2 hey you guys ???????

  14. Celtic fans are worried? What the fuck are you on Sutton? Gerrard and his scally criminal connections will oversee the demise of the blue morons operating out of Ibrokes. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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