What an honour it is to be asked to write for CeltsAreHere.com – I’m definitely looking forward to the monthly articles. Bear with me though, I’m no journalist but my passion is on another level (but you guys know that one already haha).

To start this all off, let’s just talk about what a team Brendan Rodgers has put together since taking the reigns at Celtic. The man has instilled confidence not only in the team, but the club and the Celtic family week after week. The feel good factor around Celtic Park is something we’ve been missing for a while.

Earlier this week the hard match against Monchengladbach gave us a disappointing loss. But the spirit of Celtic was clear when they came back days later to beat new club arch rivals, The Rangers. Celts Are Here posted a video clip on their social media with Matt Gilks ( The Ranger Goalkeeper) claiming “they out played Celtic at times” – Sorry what? That left me dumbfounded!

I don’t know if he’s watching the Champions League but give the Hoops some respect! Celtic are the better team and they have had to back it up days later probably still sore and tired from their tough match against a quality Monchengladbach side. Maybe if they want to close the gap they should do a quick check of the Scottish premiership table.

I Thought the team played very well, but the one player who you couldn’t look past was our skipper Scott Brown. At least 6 times in that first half he made some crucial tackles winning back every ball he could muster – the midfielder has definitely gone to another level under Brendan Rodgers, like many of our players this season. Scott also welcomed his third son into the world earlier this week so he must be on a big high.

Celtic you are doing everyone proud and this is definitely a special period. We might not be up to scratch in Europe just yet but the money we are making by being in the competition makes us stronger. I am looking forward to coming back to Glasgow in January and catching up with the Celtic family!

Until next month, Hail Hail!




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