We’re a bit late to the game on this one but we’ve just got around to seeing Celtic’s tremendous ‘unique’ camera angles of both goals last Thursday night.

The bhoys won 2-1 on a very noisy night at Celtic Park.

Watching these goals back at ground level with no commentary will give you chills!

What we did notice though, there’s a huge chunk of the second goal celebration missing and it took us a second to figure out why.

During the second goal celebration, a fan managed to evade countless stewards and hurdle a rather large advertisement board and made his way onto the pitch to celebrate with the team.

While this can happen in a moment of madness, we must as fans do our bit to make sure we don’t put the club in a bad spotlight or at the mercy of UEFA.

So far, there has been no talk of a fine for the pitch invader and if anybody asks, just show them this footage and tell them they’re talking nonsense!


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