CELTIC were left raging yesterday when it was revealed Hibernian had failed to sell 10,000 tickets for today’s crunch semi-final.

When the draw was made Hibs DEMANDED an equal share of the tickets for the match and gave assurances the briefs would be shifted.

Celtic were told at very short notice and are furious they were not given the opportunity to sell these tickets to fans who wanted to go to the game, having sold out their initial allocation.

A spokesperson for Celtic said: “Celtic Football Club is extremely disappointed to learn so many tickets will be unsold for such a prestigious and eagerly awaited match.

“Hibernian demanded an even split of tickets but as it stands have only sold half their allocation.

“It is totally unacceptable that we have thousands more season-ticket holders wishing to attend the match but they will now not be able to, whilst thousands of seats lie empty.

“This is not for the first time this has happened and we will be writing to the SPFL on a matter which needs to be addressed.”

Today’s early kick-off is for a place in the final of the Betfred League cup where Brendan Rodgers will go up against former Celtic manager Neil Lennon.


  1. Serves the SFA right. Hibs struggle to get 16,000 at home games and yet they give them 50% of tickets

    Rangers v Motherwell – oh yes off course this is different

    Well while the SFA and their cronies in the SFL try to cheat us they have just lost out on thousands of pounds

    Ha bloody ha

    • gate receipts were being split between the four teams. Hibs greed and stupidity have cost the other three money.
      Serves the sfa right in that another hampden showpiece was made to look a farce.

  2. I imagine it would be fairly easy to impose a ticket guarantee scheme which expired a fortnight before such a game with the remaining going into a ballot for both clubs.

  3. They’ll try anything to stop Celtic.
    however it’s great to see the scummy cheating sfa losisng out on mega bucks.

  4. What a balls up ,correct me if I am wrong but let’s say 30 quid a ticket , maybe less maybe more times 10000 equates to 300 grand , then there is the indirect losses , food and beverage in the ground , before and after the game , buses , taxis , etc , then the advert for Scottish football as the game is shown around the world , empty seats is not pretty to look at , ask Man City , Neil Doncaster by my reckoning ought to be out of a job , if I cost my organisation 300 grand I would expect to lose my job ,,,,,,,,, but don,t hold your breath

  5. its time the SPFL &SFA tell clubs when they reach hampden if they ask for a 50/50 split they have to pay for them upfront see how many clubs demand a 50/50 split then


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