FILIP BENKOVIC has an unlikely friend in Glasgow in the form of Ibro player Borna Barisic.

Both players were briefly teammates at Dinamo Zagreb and have become fast friends since both landing in Glasgow this summer.

The Ibrox player admitted both got together at the weekend to watch the match between Osijek and Dinamo.

Although there is a Glasgow derby rivalry between them, both seem comfortable with the idea of going to war with each other when the time comes.

Speaking about the friendship, The Rangers defender expressed their great friendship.

“I called Filip Benkovic to come over to my house so we could both watch the game together.

“We don’t have any problems socialising together for now even though he plays for Celtic and I play for Rangers.

“We are friends and always will be. Fans just have to understand this.”

Celtic’s signing of Benkovic was considered a massive coup by Brendan Rodgers. Although they couldn’t get the defender on a permanent deal, getting the Croatian on a one-year loan deal has proved to be inspired.

Benkovic even got on the scoresheet at the weekend as the bhoys scored from a rare corner kick

Maybe a few years back there would have been people taking issue with socialising with ‘the enemy’ but we all know, when it comes to footballing threats – they’re just not up there.


  1. I hate someone, not because I’m told to, not for any other reason either. If that someone has treated me bad, or struck me or someone I know who cannot defend themselves for whatever reason. If that someone has proved me wrong, or they have changed their tack, or I have mellowed over the passage of time. I will welcome them back. That is what a true friendship consists of. And it always will. One race, many different colours.

  2. Brilliant! Two young guys leading by example,good for them .Whether we like it or not ,whatever our team colours ,we’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns on the same uphill journey.Wouldnt it make sense to help each other along the way…banter and rivalry are fine for 90 minutes…after all it’s only a game !


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