SCOTT BROWN’s Aberdeen shirt unveiling has gone down like a led balloon on Celtic social media.

We all knew it was coming but the visual of Scott wearing an Aberdeen jersey stings the eyes.

The Celtic legend has been promoting Aberdeen’s new home jersey for next season and being a little more active on social media today than he usually would be at this time of year.

Broony must have known the response he was going to get to a poll he put up on instagram with a picture of himself in an Aberdeen jersey.

The former Hoops captain posted a picture of himself in the Dons shirt with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘ No’ above it.

It’s safe to say the poll has heavily skewed towards ‘no’.

Celtic will come up against the fiery midfielder next term and the fans will likely clap Scott Brown onto the park [if fans are allowed in] then boo him when he tries to get in the faces of his former teammates.


  1. For me it’s an overwhelming “AYE”

    Broony looks great in red and he’ll be a great addition to The Dons. Thanks for the memories Scott, and haste ye back to Paradise when the time is right. Hoora.


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