Crawford Alan’s comments have been well documented after he made an unusual radio appearance. Kyogo’s match-winning goal against Hearts was vital to Celtic’s season, as has every match-winning goal, but the media uproar has been laughable at times.

The marginally offside goal sent the whole of Scottish football into meltdown it seems and the chief referee even made a radio appearance. This is unheard of and the first time Crawford Allan has done so.

This has resulted in Celtic expressing their ‘unhappiness’ with the comments, complaining to the SFA. Ian Bankier has stated his ‘deep concern’ over the standard of refereeing at the Club’s AGM just last month, as have many of the fans. [mail sport]

Refereeing in Scotland is extremely poor and if Crawford Allan is willing to talk about such incidents he should book a timeslot every Monday to discuss all the mistakes the officials make.

After the potential leg-breaking challenge on David Turnbull, which only resulted in a booking on the day, was later reviewed by the SFA, and Calum Butcher was handed a three-match ban. Crawford Alan must have forgotten to comment on this incident that the referee ‘probably’ got wrong.


  1. Never mind a Monday slot. He would need to full week to explain *the Raijurs and their cousins from the capital honest mistakes.

    The precedent has now been set, so in the words of Delia Smith…”Let’s be aving you” Crawford.

    40 teams in Scotland should bin the SPFL / SFA, and set up their own league that forbids anyone joining who has connections with the ludge or masons. How refreshing would that be…


  2. The Rangers pundits when given a soft penalty will say
    I’ve seen them given before?
    Yes given to the Rangers.
    They are the only club in the SPFL that get the soft penalties.
    My take on that
    It’s not a penalty, no such thing as a soft penalty
    It’s a Rangers player diving.


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