Celtic Park has built it’s reputation by raising the roof every time the Bhoys play at home. The atmosphere is legendary with all visiting clubs falling over themselves to throw compliments on their Paradise experience.

It is hard to believe that the experience could have improved over the traditional 60,000 Tims bouncing around for ninety plus minutes. Then came the Disco lights, two million quids worth. Some fans were critical early doors but pre-match displays have turned the majority. The good things about the light show are they are not a repeat of the last one. And tonight the official Celtic twitter is promising something a little bit different.

As much as the European atmospheres are anticipated by home and visiting fans there is still a job to be done on the park. Celtic will play their biggest game of the season tonight against Valencia. Hopefully whatever the pre-match plans are at a sold-out Celtic Park, can be matched on the park with a result to bring to Spain next week.



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