Today was a bitterly disappointing day at Celtic Park. Hamilton took the spoils as our hapless team stumbled from one missed opportunity to the next.

A lot of people will be pointing the finger at Ronny Deila tonight for this result but in my honest opinion his players have let him down big time this afternoon.

Celtic had chance after chance to bury the ball in the back of the net. Stokes missing two fantastic headed chances to relieve some pressure on the Celtic boss.

Now as a manager how can you legislate for a game like this? You set your team up in a way that they create chances and hopefully get on the end of these chances. His team did create chances today but came up wanting when it came to finishing these opportunities off.

While the pressure is on Ronny Deila for this less than impressive start to the season, I think many will point to THIS result as the straw that broke the camels back when the players should take most of the heat for today.

In fact so much is said about Ronny Deila some of these lacklustre performances by Celtic players seems to be going unnoticed by a lot of fans. Celtic players jumping out the way of tackles, sauntering about the pitch when the team are down and just generally not giving 100% to the club.

I still have my reservations about Ronny but I do think the players have a lot to answer for.

If results and performances don’t get better then you will be sure Ronny Deila will pay the penalty but I don’t think after todays result that the trigger should be hastily pulled.