PETER LAWWELL has sent a message to the Scottish Government and local councils by proving Celtic’s worth to the wider community in Scotland.

An independent study commisioned by Celtic showed that in the invincible season the club was worth around £165million to the Scottish economy – more than the Commonwealth games were.

Also, there was a particular attention drawn to how much Celtic were bringing in from international visitors over the course of a season.

It’s a shame this commission has had to be made in order for some to see how much this club is engrained into the very fabric of Scotland and how it continues to pay dividends for the country.

Speaking about the findings Lawwell told the Celtic FC Website:

“We commissioned this research because of a feeling that the economic contribution from football in general and Celtic in particular is consistently under-valued.

“While a huge amount of attention is rightly paid to one-off events like the Commonwealth Games and other activities which attract interest to Scotland and Glasgow, football’s economic contribution tends to be overlooked – yet it brings people here from around the world.”

During the investigation, an incredible 54 per cent of visitors from outside Scotland who visit Glasgow to attend Celtic clashes were found to pay accommodation for an average of 1.7 nights.

The report estimates that there are just over 90,000 bed nights related to matches in Glasgow featuring Celtic over the course of a season.”

This news comes at a time when Glasgow City Council are trying their best to displace Celtic fans who drive to the game on matchdays.

They are currently pushing forward a perimeter around the ground where Celtic fans will NOT be able to park on matchdays – leaving many with very few options to get to the game.

It seems like we are in a constant battle with authorities when in fact Celtic are doing more than their bit.

Speaking about this specifically – Lawwell said:

“There is a great deal in this report for the club and its supporters to take pride in.

“We also hope that the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council will recognise that Celtic and football more generally are significant economic players when it comes to issues like transportation links and tourism promotion.


  1. I’ve always said that Scottish authorities , establishment and footballing bodies don’t deserve a great club like Celtic . We are constantly battling against their ignorance, small mindedness and in some cases bigotry too. That report today , as well as the recent financial results proves we are simply far too great an institution for a league like the SPFL. The money we generate fir the economy is not too much more than Rangers owed to creditors and HMRC at the time of their liquidation. We are on a different planet to these chancers

  2. Yes Al your correct! They most certainly don’t deserve us!We are a true World Iconic Club that is fact! The only one in “brigadoon”Scotland another Fact! But the cretins try in use us and our Great club to gives relevance to their poison! And it not just the ones from Govan either these self proclaimed “diddy teams”drag is down to !I have hoped for years and years we could be rid of this set up and the filth of Govan with that new poisonous club being even worse than the old! I lived overseas in Sydney for years we are a Massive World Club believe tha! We should have resigned after the whole corruption which has always been there! Was proven! I said it then and now I rather play friendlies until we get into the English set up even the lower leagues would do ! We need out of this cespit of hate.Hail Hail Triple TREBLE! On the way and a run in Europe alson Great being part of This Amazing World Iconic Club

    • It’s not just the parking issue, other things such as planning permission for the extension of the Celtic ‘village’ around Paradise (including bars, restaurants, fanzones, etc.) have been turned down by GCC purely for the fear of being seen as partisan to Celtic over the Zombies. I know we live in a powder keg city at times but surely these cases can be judged on their own individual merits rather than being lumped in with some redundant ‘Old Firm’ nonsense.

      Celtic are not asking for any special favours over any other teams just the opportunity to further grow and expand on their own initiative.

      It’s purely not just a parking issue. If that is the case why isn’t that idea being enforced down Hampden way where I reside?

  3. Those that involved within glasgow city council are deliberately trying to be disrespectful to everything that our club are trying to achieve and what they are trying to give back to the people of not only our own club but to the community as a whole, These people are so bitter and degenerate their bias is for all to see, Our club has an unbroken and clean history which pays its taxes and all financial constraints which has to attended to paid on time and not left to debtors for collection, We have make no mistake of this a chairman that is business minded and our own club is financially sound and very proud thanks to our chairman, Our chairman has been mentioned home and abroad regarding what he has done for our great club financially, He is 100% Celtic through and through and is the envy of those concerned with glasgow city council and their hand shake brigade and sash wearing masonic sectarian religious bigots that are against everything Celtic and everything that has to do with Catholic Religion, [Parking Is Just An Excuse] We all really know the truth and leopards never change there spots out and out [Liars = Liars = Liars] Rotten To The Core !!!


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