Celtic and all their social media accounts are back live again after joining the social media boycott over the weekend to protest against online abuse.

Celtic SLO JP Taylor is also back online and he’s been having to field questions all day about why the club has still not made any sort of announcement on a manager or what’s happening behind the scenes.

Replying to one Celtic fan – JP has told supporters online there is an acknowledgment from the Celtic hierarchy that an update in the short term is required.

It’s been a horrible PR operation by Celtic all season. Ignoring fan protests, not delivering properly on a review and going silent through the adversity on the field.

It’s been over 70 days since Neil Lennon walked out of Celtic Park and radio silence has commenced. The fans deserve better than this.

We’re not far away from Champions League qualifiers and it’s about time the board tell us who the new manager will be or let us know what the hold up has been to this point.


  1. I think that Dermot Desmond regards us as mug punters and doesn’t care what we think or feel.
    Celtic Football Club is just another money spinning venture for him and the board.
    Let’s face it he didn’t become a billionaire by considering the thoughts and feelings of those he has profited from and the richer they are the worse they get.
    Frankly if he doesn’t sort this out soon then he doesn’t deserve our money. A complete boycott on all Celtics goods and services might persuade him. Maybe we should follow the example of the Man U fans?
    Regardless he had better start giving us (not just the board) some value for money or sell his shares to someone who will. (What am I saying…he wouldn’t care about that! It would be highest bidder wins and **** the fans)
    He appointed Lawell who is the man responsible for losing the 10 and he is responsible for the current mess we are in. Losing out on star signings and driving Rodgers out the door because all he cared about was his bonus. Trying to get away with doing just enough, buying chumps instead of champs. How could he not see this coming? It wasn’t Lennon’s fault it was his fault! Get him out the door and let the new guy have a crack at it. Most of all get the DOF and the manager sorted and/or tell us what’s going on NOW! I’m not spending another penny on anything Celtic until I’m convinced we are back on the right track.


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