Celtic have given Celtic fans a sneak peek of the brand new Champions badge which will be available for supporters to purchase as an add on for their new kit.

The badge keeps in line with the colours of the home jersey. It’s green and white hoops with a yellow outline.

It could become somewhat of a collectors item as Celtic enter their ten in a row season.

Adidas finally got pre-orders underway last week for the new home kit and the fans should start receiving them in the second week of August.

All three kits set to come out have gained massive fan approval and having the above badge attached to any of them will certainly be tempting to many.

The bhoys start their ten in a row campaign at the start of August inside an empty Celtic Park. Flag day won’t have the usual 60,000 supporters counting down and cheering the bhoys on. Hopefully, the players can get the job done in our absence.



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