CELTIC along with the rest of the Premier League clubs will attend a summit this evening in Perth over the widespread criticism of officials and the SFAs handling of disciplinary matters.

The referees have outdone themselves this season with some incredibly bad decisions which managers have rightfully pointed out. Note, there wasn’t any major uproar from the referees until Celtic made a statement asking why Alfredo Morelos went unpunished at the time of the Glasgow Derby and retroactively.

Celtic’s clear and concise statement, demanding to know why the player was not subject to disciplinary measures seen the referees revolt and threaten strike action which is pretty odd in itself.

The SFA had a meeting with their officials last week and are now opening up the lines of communication with the SPFL clubs in a clear the air summit to discuss procedures.

The meeting takes place tonight at McDiarmid Park and will be chaired by Ian Maxwell.


  1. “The brush having swept is removed until required again” Waste of time complaining to these Idiots. Is this meeting in Perth going to move matters forwards. Looks like sevco don’t even have to pay the referees a bounty at the end of the season. Pity though, as they just tried to burn down Murray park for the insurance money. I Wonder why.

  2. This meeting has to be put firmly on the table and if it is not sorted then these issues HAVE to be handed over to UEFA H.Q. to be sorted.


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