CELTIC SHARED have come out with a strongly worded statement this afternoon after Celtic announced participation in a mid-season tournament in Australia.

The club revealed the bhoys would be part of a four team tournament in November 2022, but they have omitted who they will be facing.

The people we’ve spoken to in Australia have confirmed to CeltsAreHere, it’s their belief The Rangers will be one of those teams.

Celtic fans don’t like getting into bed with the Ibrox club unless it’s for league duty. The Hoops fans have made it clear over the years and the club made it clear last year they weren’t ‘half of anything’.

Celtic Shared believe the participation in the tournament with our rivals flies in the face of what the supporters want and what the club has preached.

Australian Celtic fans will be buzzing the team is heading back to the country with Ange, but there might be a few bumps along the way before we get there.

Are you happy with today’s announcement?


  1. This clearly benefits them much more than us. The Old Firm is dead. It was never something any of us were comfortable with but with their death it is over. But they need us to enter into the Old Firm myth to continue their own continuity myth. Don’t play into this delusion. No participation.

  2. How about considering the fact that this is a great chance for Ange to take Celtic back to his homeland? How about considering all the Celtic fans living in Australia who have never had the chance to watch Celtic play? Stop whining about nothing. Maybe place this vehement anger towards something more meaningful in the world.

  3. Sorry – this smacks of parochialism. You’re basically saying that the only option to see Celtic hammer a side that they (and we) love hammering, is to move to Scotland and become a season ticket holder. I’m an Australian Scottish Celtic fan. Both my boys are Celtic fans, and have never seen them live. Are we a global brand or not?

    This isnt about inadvertently giving the h*ns a helping hand, it’s about maintaining and growing a glbal fan base. This would be the first time in years that not only would I see a game of football involving the team I love in a time zone that doesn’t involve staying up through the night, but I would get to see them live. That’s special to me, and thousands of other Aussie Celtic fans. You’ve no idea what it’s like to watch the majority of football games in bed on an ipad.

    Stop being so blinkered.


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