A Celtic shareholder has brought up an increase in Irish rebel songs being sung at Celtic Park and used the Beautiful Sunday chant as an example of something which he believes to be dragging the Celtic support down.

“Not putting all blame on GB but drums and megaphones bring the beat for these unsavoury songs.

“It’s getting worse now and I want the board to open a dialogue.”

Peter Lawwell thanked the shareholder for his question and commented it was a very brave question to ask.

The CEO said in no uncertain terms that it gives Celtic’s ‘enemies’ the opportunity to pile us in with the rest when we are anything but.

“It’s wrong for the club and gives enemies chance to categorise us like everyone else. But we’re not like every one else.” Lawwell Said.

There has always been many Celtic fans pro and against rebel songs being sung on match day.

The notion that these are sectarian however are so far wide of the mark. Whether you agree with them or not, to wrongly categorise them as discriminating against any religion is daft at best.

They have nothing to do with the football on the pitch but some argue they have a lot to do with what Celtic stands for and it really is down to personal opinion for many.

The Beautiful Sunday chant is juvenile at best.



  1. The chanting supports a group that was or is from one side of the religious divide in Ireland so pro Catholic so if sung could be deemed discriminatory. The songs the shareholder raised are bang out of order and don’t reflect the wide diversity we have as a club or support. No excuses not kids singing them but grown adults that should stop now.

  2. Ira is many a blokes name, I also know what the ‘Green nursery’ group are singing. Most of the rebels sung at Paradise (And other stadia) are all songs we all know and respect. Not about war, but the downtrodden of war from a rebel veiw. The other rebels can all be sung in our homes, cars not Paradise. Either that or sing them in Gael.

  3. The best way to stop it is by taking their season book off them ,at the end of the day it’s about football not some war that went on in the 60s&70s I mean troops out now? Cmon for god’s sake what is it with that green brigade? Sing proper Celtic songs it’s embarrassing !

  4. We keep telling the world we are a club for everyone. Isn’t time we proved it. Not all Celtic supporters are Catholics or Irish. We are led by the few and not by the silent majority. In the row in front of me there are two English families that travel hundreds of miles to come and support Celtic. I cringe every time l hear the IRA chants at Parkhead and especially at away games. I don’t think the younger element amongst the G.B are aware of the suffering of the hundreds of people that were affected by the IRA bombing and indiscriminate killings. Yes l appreciate the British forces did nothing to help the situation in Ireland but surely it is time to move on. Football grounds are not the place for the type of songs we hear at grounds involving Celtic. The Brighton bombings and other cities are still fresh in people’s mind of a certain age. Put yourself in their shoes when they hear some of the chants from some of our infantile supporters. Do we really want to be known as a club that openly condones terrorisim or are we the club that is open to all. Are we going to keep silent while a minority amongst our support is determined to tarnish our club. There is a time and place for rebel songs, they can belt it out in private pubs, clubs or buses but keep it to themselves, otherwise we are not any better than Rangers and their vile support. I will hear the usual guff it’s our right to sing rebel songs as it part of Celtic,s history. Wrong our club was formed to feed the poor, all the poor not just those of a specific religion. If you really care about Celtic and their worldwide reputation as a real family club that embraces all religions and cultures then stop glorifying the IRA.

  5. Should be allowed sing what we like and if the shareholder or anyone else have a problem why don’t they fuck off and lawell GTF too if it bothers him too. Them song’s were sung before they came to Celtic and will be sung when they are gone. And any snowflakes don’t like it jog on too


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