With the inevitable leaks over the past few days of what form the Celtic away and 3rd kit will take next season it sparked a great amount of debate on our social media pages.

New Balance had a rocky start to their partnership with Celtic and have made a few Celtic shirts and kits that have split opinion. None more so than the pink effort they have for this seasons 3rd kit.

But what if the fans and general public had a say in what New Balance were kitting the bhoys out with?

If these fan concept designs are anything to go by, the New Balance designers are missing a trick!

This is pure simplicity when it comes to the iconic hoops Celtic shirt but that’s the way we like it. A classic and clean design with white shorts and plain white socks. It’s the sort of kit nobody could get upset with. Great concept design.


This away kit design is an absolute winner in our opinion. The pinstripe green on a black canvas, with the green making an appearance on the shorts and socks. It’s again something clean and stylish and if made would be a memorable kit. Too bad this is a concept kit because I’d be begging them to take my cash if New Balance brought this Celtic shirt out.

What about another variation of a black Celtic shirt. The club have done the black and gold before but the design of this Celtic shirt is very stylish and effective. One massive thing is the Celtic crest has been removed for the Celtic cross that you would have seen on the 125th anniversary shirt which has become quite iconic in its own right.



It’s very hard to get universal approval on a shirt but we suspect the third kit this year which is rumoured to be a florescent yellow may have fans split down the middle.

The home Celtic shirt for 17/18 hasn’t been leaked as of yet but many Celtic fans are hoping New Balance will get it right as Celtic celebrate 50 years since the European Cup win.


  1. Why black ,been a Celtic fan for 60years I don’t think black is our colour,
    We are green and white that’s it . Clean and bright just like our football.

  2. Yeah, I can understand any design based on green and white (with possibly some gold). But black??? And PINK??? Where the Hell did they come from as colour choices?

  3. The pink came from the colour of a Lisbon final ticket, James Brown. Dumb idea and crap strip. Don’t see the point in that pinstripe black thing, it harks back to the shitty 90’s.

  4. Recently, Real Betis paid tribute to our club by changing their shirt from green and white stripes to “the hoops”.
    Couldn’t we have our second strip shirt in their style shirts, with maybe green shorts??
    The Betis strip always look bright and clean like our own.
    Just a thought, but no black or PINK!!!!
    Hail ! Hail !.

  5. Personally would like to see an away strip modelled on the Palestinian flag. Black and green with a white panel in middle, red v inset at collar.


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