DAVID TURNBULL has revealed the players have not been harassing Jota when it comes to signing a permanent deal with the club, but he does hope the player and Celtic get together and sort out the winger’s future at some point.

Asked if the players were actively pushing Jota in the right direction, Turnbull said:

“No, not really, we hope so. It is up to them and the club to decide that, but I’m sure the boys would be keen on him doing that anyway. ” Turnbull told RecordSport.

“He seems to be enjoying life in Glasgow, on the pitch you can see that. And away from the pitch he seems to be enjoying it as well, apart from the weather. Seems to be loving life.

Jota’s been absolutely flying and we are pleased for him. From the first minute he’s been excellent both on and off the ball. He’s been doing what he needs to do. He’s chipping in for the team by scoring goals and that has been excellent. It’s great for him and it’s great for the side.”

Celtic fans have been obsessed with Jota signing a permanent deal since he came into the club at the end of August.

It’s little wonder when the lad keeps putting in top-notch performance both domestically and in Europe.

Celtic have an option to buy but they have to be cognisant his performances will be alerting other clubs.

Even if we do have an option to buy, if his reps think there’s a better deal out there, the player can knock back any advances from the Hoops.

We have to appreciate Jota’s talent for the moment and have our fingers crossed it won’t be just for one season. If it’s only going to be one and done for the Portuguese star then let’s make it a memorable season!


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