CELTIC missed out on John McGinn yesterday evening when he put pen to paper for Aston Villa.

After a summer of messing around Celtic finally matched Hibs valuation of the player but it was too little too late.

John had seen and even held his golden ticket down south and that was enough to ensure he became a Villa player.

So, how did a lad, that grew up a Celtic fan, who had been linked with Celtic all summer and was desperate to come end up at Aston Villa?

There is only one culprit here and it’s Peter Lawwell.

The chief executive refused to play ball with Hibs after they seemingly moved the goal posts on a deal that looked inevitable at times.

The refusal to up the bid because John was in the last year of his deal was another factor in Lawwell not upping the bid, while at the same time demanding £7million for Stuart Armstong who was in the same situation.

In footballing terms, it’s not a massive blow to Celtic but in the background dynamics between the manager and his board – the mood will not be what it should be for a double treble winning side.

No, we never needed John McGinn and many fans believed the money could be spent elsewhere BUT the manager wanted the player and it was an easy lay-up for Lawwell to slam dunk. Not only did he miss the hoop, he shattered the glass board and fell flat on his face.

There is still a long way to go in this window but with a monumental effort needed to make sure Celtic get to the play-off round of the Champions League – the inability to invest sooner could finally be this boards undoing.


  1. Lawell thinks he is Celtic he is just a bean counter who will be sacked if Rodgers leaves be assured the fans can easily get rid of the board lack of real class signings is disgusting.

  2. A wee aside on this had been told by an inlaw who is also connected to to the McGinn family that John had basically agreed to join Celtic and was just letting them thrash out the deal. Of course, that cant be said public due to tapping up rules etc.
    Was the understanding would be a January move.
    Seems like he went down to Birmingham and genuinely liked the setup, package etc. changed his mind and went for it Good luck to the lad

  3. Well done the Celtic board who took a massive gamble doing almost hee haw in transfer market and crossing their fingers we would make the CL, th y have made a complete arse of Brendan Rodgers and the fans with their tight fisted ness , shame on them , we have the opportunity to stay miles ahead but they decide to under strengthen the squad

  4. Lawwell is a joke.mcginn should have been snapped up. To much pussyfooting about as usual.instead of strengthening the squad he let’s it get weaker.tosser.

  5. Midfielder wow like we are short in that department defending is where we are lacking but ffs miss out on a hibs player and it’s Armageddon maybe just maybe petrie was challenging lawell and who knows eh but I’m not losing sleep over a midfield player we don’t really need


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