The Celtic View is a magazine that the majority of Celtic fans will know and has been popular for many years, 55 years this year to be exact.

As many may know, ‘Going for 55’ is famously a chant we have heard for a number of years from the Rangers* support, so when Celtic put up their latest tweet around this anniversary for the Celtic View they thought they would poke a little fun at this.

This is bound to wind up a number of the fans from across the city who have been chanting this for years now.

Many Celtic fans have also praised the admin of the clubs official twitter account, for having some light fun with the fact the Celtic View will be continuing for its 55th year on the trot.

The View have produced some brilliant content and interviews over the years, so it is good to see that the club will be keeping up their production of the magazine, for fans to read, covering one of the biggest seasons in the history of Celtic Football club.