CELTIC have told The Rangers they are more than happy to reciprocate with regards to their new Glasgow Derby allocation.

Celtic’s short statement doing their own bit of trolling with regards to their double treble:

An unprecedented Double Treble and historic season for the Club has led to a phenomenal level of demand from supporters to be part of Celtic.

We are happy to reciprocate in terms of ticket allocation, something which will give us the opportunity to meet this huge demand to visit Celtic Park.

The Ibrox club have gone against safety fears and cut Celtic’s allocation to 800 fans between the broomlon road and Sandy Jardine stand.

Celtic Park will now be mostly full at full time after a home Glasgow Derby. Dilly Dilly!


  1. HH No big deal Celtic Supporters just don’t goo no loss they might not be here to bother about it GOOD Cheats they are hh ktf


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