CELTIC FANS ticket allocation looks to be cut by The Rangers after they sent out a statement that ALL visiting away fans will now be situated between the Broomloan road and Sandy Jardine stand.

Historically, Celtic have taken up the full Broomloan end and the past two seasons have lapped it up at Ibrox having a party EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This lead to many a meltdown by the home support who just couldn’t take the visual of Celtic fans partying in the whole Broomloan stand. There was a petition by Gers fans not to long ago after watching their side fall to a humiliating 5-1 defeat to their Glasgow Rivals.

What’s more is they moved the Onion bears from their seats – making them unable to do one  of their top class TIFO’s

Here is the part of the statement that is pertinent to Celtic fans.

‘An unfortunate consequence of putting our supporters first is that this increased demand negatively impacts on the number of tickets which will be allocated to visiting teams. This means all visiting fans will now be situated in the corner between the Broomloan and Sandy Jardine Stand’

The Ibrox club are going to let more of their fans watch Celtic hand The Rangers a footballing lesson from now on.

Fair play.


  1. Yet again the lying king is pandering to the slavering hordes. If this turns out to be true I’m sure the favour will be returned in kind.

  2. Celtic BETTER respond to this by cutting their allocation drastically and putting them right in the corner, and not in the Lisbon stand.

    I don’t care about seeming petty. This is pettiness from them, so retaliation is the only way forward.
    They’ve been allowed to cheat and bully enough.

  3. Get the Rancid Vermin Allocated a Seance.They need to be in touch with Reality.That way they can weld the Deid History to the Tribute Acts.Every single Hun has been taking for a Ride since 2012 or should i say The Souness Era.Cheats Each n Every One of Them.King wants Hughes suspended from SFA??Time to wheel out Res 12 And Every shred of proof of the Blatant Cheating…HfH

  4. Simple Fact is,They Cannot Handle Watching The Mighty Tic Partying At the Crumble Dome..They are Bitter Twisted Eejits.Our Bhoys score and they say Our players Goad Them.Seriously.Sooner they Liquidate or Go Tits Up,The Better.

  5. Don’t give the inbreds a single seat when they come to play the mighty Celts next season or any season after for that matter.
    Better off with a stadium full of us anyway 🍀🇮🇪

  6. The way Dave is running things,there might not be too many opportunities to visit the Sooside Sectarian Scumbag Sesspit anyway….maybe an Aldi or Lidl will move in…..Hhappy Dhays….

  7. Give the jaffas allocation of the LL bogs. As after they have sex in them, they always destroy the truth. Fuc&in bum burgler’s all of them. As they like to take on the mantle of their humfy Queen billie.

  8. They are a shower of urine, Celtic must play tit for tat and give them the same number of tickets, to be honest I’m fed up reading about that mob they are rotten to the core and not on same planet as us

  9. Maybe if joking and his Circus clowns put more of their cash into sevco than out and expanding it. All fans, not just the diluted of the support act, would see them pumped every week. HWGFTINR.

  10. thats another 7000 disgruntled torn faces after the CELTIC hammer them again and again also raise there prices another £10 a ticket to see GODS children leaving PARKHEAD EVERY WEEK SINGING AND DANCING HH


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