LEIGH GRIFFITHS has taken to a Instagram to show off the amazing transformation he has undergone since signing for Celtic.

The first image on the left is the day he signed for Celtic while the right is a very recent image of the striker suited and booted.

Looking sharp!

The fan favourite has also transformed his attitude since coming to the club. The striker has grown up a lot since coming to the club, although he still likes to get up to mischief from time to time.

Leigh is just TWO goals away from his 100th for the club and could get them on the board as soon as July during Champions League qualifiers.


  1. Looks like one of those before and after pics for the hair transplant companies. They are all sad and glum in the baldy picture and have a huge beamer in the post-treatment photo!

  2. Griff will well break the 100 mark next season nó worries on that score. He is one of the best investments the Celtic ever made. HH


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