CELTIC are keeping Wednesday’s game as in-house as possible to maximise ticket sales and more importantly Celtic TV subscriptions which they’ve been endlessly pushing the benefits of since Gerry McCulloch took over.

Celtsarehere understand that Celtic has knocked back a Norweigan TV channel request to stream the game live back in Norway for the Rosenborg fans and the wider public for fear of illegal links being used off of that.

With it being entirely in-house Celtic can control this problem to some extent and in the process generate more subs.

Celtic TV has already had its problems this season and the quality on offer for the price point at the moment is not justifiable to the average joe. They may very well get some more sign-ups outside the UK, so some aren’t left with a blackout. However, is this the right approach? Pricing Celtic fans out of watching their team.

At £25-£30 for an adult ticket and £80 for a years premium membership, there is no cheap way to watch the game legally on Wednesday. Is this the right way to go about things?


  1. It will encourage illegal streaming . . If your already paying for bt or sky and can’t get a ticket or make the game people will be trying anyway to get to watch it

  2. Main problem is the quality of service, the bandwidth struggles at the moment, as an exile for 15 years it’s got better but even the other night there was trouble signing in, i expect the same when I login on thursday morning if all UK subs can stream live. Here’s hoping am wrong

  3. Yeah need a proper channel on sky like they used to. Anybody know a good streaming sight that will have it tomorrow night?

  4. The game is only available outside the UK and Ireland to subscribers. So that £80 membership mentioned wont get you the match.

    I currently pay the £190 foreign membership and consider it to be good value.(there are cheaper/monthly options) All home and away league games covered, some European and cup ties as well. Streamed in 720p. I also enjoy knowing the funds are going straight to the club instead of the likes of Sky and BT.

    I do not however live abroad. Just far enough south that I couldn’t afford my season ticket and traveling costs. Just use a VPN. Id recommend zenmate chrome add on.

    Celtic must enforce limitations on where games are shown as it could damage TV deals, but there is no reason we can’t all bend the rules together.

    • Hi CraigyBhoy
      I’m interested in your suggestion are you able to give advice on how to set up the VPN stuff and the get Celtic TV?
      I’m pretty much a dummy at such things so need all the help I can get.
      If it’s too much to provide the detail don’t worry I’ll ask one of my grandchildren 🙂

  5. A reasonable charge to watch the game and i would have been in. 80 pounds is too much as i dont currently want an annual subscription

  6. Celtic used to have a TV station on the Sky platform. Nobody watched it so it was pulled.

    Frontrowsports or vip box will have the game, anyone with a decent IPTV package will also have it.

    Celtic are deluded if they think they are going to stop streaming matches online.

    Sky have been trying to stop this for years and they aren’t any better off than they were when they tried to stop it?

    • Sky have got round this now mate i have a dream box and all i have now is bt sport all sky channels are blocked. i bought an iptv package this week and it will be showing the Celtic game tomorow

  7. I think all games should be shown live even in Scotland as like my husband and I can’t make the journey to Glasgow anymore I am disabled and in bad health as is my husband who has a bad heart and at 70 can’t manage the long journey from the Borders and have to stay over night which cost to much

  8. Yeah and I’m working in a hospital and can’t get time off, the only time I get is Thursday and Friday ??. Hh

  9. The quality of Celtic tv abroad, well certainly in Hong Kong is not good. A lot of the time the picture freezes or loses sound etc. A pain in the neck when we are about to score and suddenly it blanks out!

  10. Yet another shocking decision by the powers that be.
    Forcing fans away from the match isn’t bad enough I suppose… so now they punish the fans that cannot attend, for various valid reasons.

    The club without the fans is nothing, unless you happen to be a “Green Brigade” member or cannot travel on Wednesday.

    I am sure that every other club tries to ensure that as many fans as possible get to cheer the team on… except Celtic.
    Season books, SOLD OUT.
    Match tickets are harder to come by now..

    I know what, let’s not broadcast at all.

  11. Any sense at all and they would have priced the game at a fiver for Celtic TV would have got loads of Celtic fans subscribing and no doubt a lot of Norwegians too, making it a blanket 80 or 50 quid is ridiculous. Not sure on the ticket uptake but if I’m honest 30 or 25 is excessive too. Unless the crowd is over 50k the banning of the GB may have an even bigger impact.

  12. Surprised you think its expensive.
    At £1.50 per week its a couple of quid cheaper than the the daily rags and at least you can trust the news to be Celtic oriented, I have genuinely no complaints about the quality although I think it could be improved by dropping the Huddle and having a wee daily news report and vastly improved by an evening phone in or e mail in ( Suggested this to Gerry in a twitter direct message but I dunno if he received it )

  13. I would subscribe to celtic tv and pay the £50 or the £80 if they had it on tv like mutv .think it’s a big ask when most of us pay for sky and bt as well as paying for a shit tv licence . All for helping the hoops out but fix out the problems and let us watch it on the big screen bhoys

  14. The quality of Celtic tv is very poor and amateurish. If Celtic were to invest some serious money into the tv channel and introduce decent quality presenters and some innovative ideas then I am sure many thousands of Celtic fans, including myself, would be keen to subscribe.

  15. I live in Cyprus and have used Celtic TV for years, last year the price was £131.88, the price is going up next year to £149.99.

    As a season ticket holder for 25 years even though I lived abroad, (Dad used it) I find it important to me to have Celtic TV, but last season, even though we have great broadband etc, the quality was very poor. It is time that they got up to date.

    As John Hamilton said earlier, Celtic fans all over the world would pay a fiver for a special game and the club would make a lot of money. Hail Hail

  16. To say I pay for sky and bt , it’s not worth the money then premier sports have the cheek to show the second leg. Football is a working man sport how can the majority of us afford it

  17. I’ve got kodi box , bt , sky and pay for premium sports and were no links to the linfield game at parkhead can’t afford to pay for Celtic TV too why not let bt or sky show it so all the supporters can watch the team think it’s a disgrace

    • Im in the U.S.A and i watched the linfield game well parts of it when celtictv was actually working. There are 2 apps DC SPORTS. And celticfc both apps have links to live games

  18. If the Celtic TV can get it right for the live games, come on, admit it’s real value for money. I live in Leeds and simply cannot get to the games due to work. Sadly the pre season games have messed up, but at £50 if they can, am happy overall

  19. You support the club?… Support the club!
    Long time subscriber who feels a little silly when other people laugh about their ? streaming system.
    HH! Mon the Hoops the marra!

  20. If this was the bams in blue am pretty sure it would be covered quickly and easy enough on 1 of the mentioned channels, it’s gonna be the radio for me as working at time of k.o (pure torture btw) but still better than nothing, (COYBIG ) clean sheet crucial HH ??????

  21. If this was the bams in blue am pretty sure it would be covered quickly and easy enough on 1 of the mentioned channels, it’s gonna be the radio for me as working at time of k.o (pure torture btw) but still better than nothing, (COYBIG ) clean sheet crucial HH

  22. If this is the route gonny go down need to get a proper channel on sky tv like mutv and the likes make sure the quality is good and I’ll give them whatever they want so I can watch the hoops ??

  23. Rather than trying to prevent their own fans from seeing the game, them on the board should be going after the SFA/spfl for the CL revenue for the titles we were cheated out of.

  24. Read all the comments. It seem to me that the consensus is. Not good enough. Amateurish. Expensive for many. Probably being laughted at, no doubt. Celtic Board, Sad, Sad?????

  25. Anyone assist a fellow tim and luddite?
    I want to sign up to Celtic TV. I am in Glasgow tonight at my home address. If I sign up will get to see the game live or delayed at 10pm?

    I am off to Asia for 3 months at the end of the month. To watch games there, will I need a years subscription as a UK customer and 3 months as an overseas customer? It won’t seem to offer me an overseas account as my address is a UK one. Help please? Customer services are shit.

  26. Shocking that the fans cant see this game. There is no Celtic without the Fans. This is BAD and no way should they be denied watching their team play, worse still denying them an opportunity to watch it on TV and willing to pay. Terrible !!!!!

  27. Well bhoys don’t know about you but think that was worst I’ve seen Celtic play under Brendan . I know we didn’t have a striker personally I would have given one of the young strikers a chance . Thank God weve got Leigh Griff back for next week and do you think dembele will go wold love him to stay sick hearing all the shit about him leaving ?


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