When Celtic gain any sort of success, whether it be domestically or a good result in Europe, you can be certain, there will be ignorant English fans close by to try and put the club down.

Supporters of clubs who cannot brag about history and tradition but swagger about because how much they can pay for a mediocre player.

Celtic went toe to toe with Manchester City last season – both home and away, and when you consider the tweet below, it’s an astonishing feat.

In a world where money counts for everything and tradition is becoming marginalised this one extreme contrast should be enough for sensible people to applaud Celtic when they make any sort of mark in Europe.

We saw Everton spend over £140million on players this season and get dumped out of the Europa League like they were nothing.

The financial gap between Celtic and clubs like Stoke or Brighton is getting bigger with the grotesque amount of money flowing around down south. Each to their own of course, but maybe the idiots that feel the need to comment on Celtic’s success will take this into account before they bark out about their nans.

So here we go 33 in a row, if we save all our money up, we’ll have precisely what West Brom will be due when they wave goodbye to the Premier League.

Celtic should be applauded for being as competitive and even coming third in their Champions League group this term.


  1. 100% correct.
    When Sky tele recognise that there are quite a few 100 of thousands of us and ‘them’ willing to pay what we used to pay in the noughties to watch us and ‘them, deceased’ then they might waken up.
    Until then my Sky subscription is cancelled.

    But 33 in a row sound pretty good to me.


  2. Who gives a fek what they say down south,this is what it’s like to be BE CELTIC, CHAMPIONS AGAIN AND WE KNOW HH

  3. The EngerLeish think they are Above and Beyond any other Clubs outwith there IgniRunt Country.Fnancially they Are,But Not one Club doon there has Anywhere Near as Great a Support as Celtic.And they Never Ever will have.I was Born a Tim and i will Most Certainly Die a Tim.We can Walk with Our Heads held High and be Proud of our Wonderful Clubs History and Achievements.We did 9 In A Row,Honestly Fairly with no help from that Corrupt SFA.Its Absurd and Blatant just how Disgusting They truly are and above all else,Our History and Titles are Not and Never Shall Be,TAINTED!!!!!!HH COYBIG

  4. Celtic fans get far more by going to watch their team than any of those epl fans. History, tradition atmosphere and joy. Money can not buy these things. So there are things to be very thankful for. Outwith the big bucks.


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