CLYDE ONE, the home of the famous Superscoreboard phone-in had a massive change of heart in the way they framed Celtic’s financial success after the interim results were released yesterday.

Celtic posted a pre-tax profit of £18.8million and stated clearly they have a whopping £38.6 million net cash in the bank. While turnover was down because of Celtic’s lack of involvement in the Champions League the interim report showed a very healthy club that can continue to prosper.

Clyde One’s headline to the left seems to agree with that analysis but their original headline to the right when they first posted the article talks about ‘financial burdens’ being eased.

Celtic fans were quick to ask exactly what financial burdens they were on about with the club sitting pretty. The use of the term ‘financial burden’ is wildly misleading and does not paint a picture of a club who has more money in the bank than any other Scottish club has achieved in turnover.

Their headline was quickly deleted off social media after Celtic fans pointed this out.


  1. Some people can not let go,on and off the pitch they all try and put Celtic down,if any club are in profit then that is a the best place to be after everyone gets paid and your club is in profit of millions then that is great news.

  2. radio snyde has to play to the halfwit gallery like “brian from larkie” who sound very like old “ronny from the “merchant city” as in the GALLOWGATE”! HA HA Pathetic other dafties like john the hun “i been told” taxi driver! ENJOY LADS AS WE KEEP WINNING AND ANOTHER AMAZING CELTIC NIGHT IN EUROPE AND WHO KNOWS WHERE THIS COULD GO!! ONE THING FOR SURE TREBLE TREBLE BE CELTICBRATED COME MAY! OF THAT THERE IS NO DANGER! HAIL HAIL

  3. SSB is staffed by dinasaurs and has a system in place that cuts out anyone phoning in with a difficult question because no one on their so called panel has the intelligence to respond.
    Instead of wasting their time answering stupid questions from their radio audience and making a joke of everything, why don’t they do something constructive and lead the call for improvement in the quality of our match officials.
    The obvious place to start is getting rid of John Fleming as he has failed year after year to produce one, just one, half decent referee.
    I’m not expecting Washington Post stuff but surely questions have to be asked about the selection process and why you have to be a Freemason to climb the greasy pole to Grade 1 status.
    There you go Keevins and co, get your teeth into that, as if.


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