CELTIC has been charged by UEFA for ‘Field Invasion’ during their Champions League tie against PSG.

A ‘Celtic fan’ made his way onto the pitch and took aim at PSG player Kylian Mbappé before being carted off by stewards and police.

The Celtic fans in the stands voiced their disapproval at the moronic behaviour that could land the club in hot water.

The lad will be facing a lifetime ban from Celtic Park.

PSG has also been charged for their fans damaging seats in the away end.


Charges against Celtic FC:

• Field invasion – Art. 16 (2) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations (DR)

Charges against Paris Saint-Germain:

• Acts of damage (seats broken) – Art. 16 (2) DR

These cases will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on 19 October.



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