CELTIC have confirmed the biggest single amount of money they have ever received for a player by announcing it to the London Stock exchange.

A similar letter was released last year when Moussa Dembele left the club for a record-breaking fee to Lyon.

The letter is interesting as it shows Celtic did not have to wait for any single fee to be paid at a later date and states they received the fee of £25m in a ‘single amount’.

There was speculation about what exactly was being paid up front but this ends any talk. Arsenal’s second bid was said to be round the £25m mark but came with too many add-ons to take it to that figure.

Kieran is now the most expensive player in Scottish football history as well as Celtic’s.

It’s been a hard adjustment for Celtic fans to see the defender in another club’s colours. This is the man who once famously was spotted in Tenerife wearing his Hoops.

We wish Kieran all the best and hope his transfer cash gets put to good use!


  1. Great player KT is and this shows that Celtic would have liked to have kept hold of KT but when the money is right and the player wants to go after his dream then no one can hold you back this sends a huge message out to all of the Celtic Academy players and to every player that Celtic buy in that if you are good enough then you are more than welcome to stay with Celtic or go after your dream…
    KT brought in a large sum of money so that Celtic can replace him and the manager can add more players to keep Celtic at the top in Scotland i do hope this money will be used to do that….

  2. Sevco have the phone on the hook as they wait for £30m In monopoly money, for their freewheeling Columbian. Bargain I say for a cup of coffee.

  3. 25mill for Teirney
    And Lennon not given 1p of it to spend on the fukin team and they wonder why we are out of the chp/lge i would sack the fukin lot of them starting with Lawell who just never learns & Dermott who dosnt give a fuk and Lennon who hasnt got a fukin clue.


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