KRIS COMMON’S name will get a mixed reception amongst the Celtic fans, but while at the club he was a great player.

Despite predominantly talking Celtic down whenever he is in the press, for once, he has praised Celtic.

The Hoops have adopted a new transfer strategy under Ange it seems. The boss has now brought 4 players in 2 transfer windows from the J-League to Celtic Park. The early signs seem to be positive, with Kyogo excelling in Scotland. At the peak of his career, it is exciting to have a player of his quality at Celtic performing as he is. Yet to see the latest Japanese additions, fans are excited and are already loving the clips available to watch.

“So it makes a change for Celtic to go straight to source and get these new players from their clubs in Asia, albeit they did it with Ki from FC Seoul.

“But that’s the advantage they now have by employing a head coach with an extensive knowledge of the market in that part of the world.

“If there are any rough diamonds to be found, Postecoglou will know exactly where to look. He could help Celtic unearth a goldmine of exciting new talent.

“It can be hugely beneficial and profitable for a club to devote a lot of their scouting resources into one specific country or region.

“Shakhtar Donetsk have almost turned it into an art form over the past 20 years, by the way in which they continually sign talented young Brazilians, develop them, and then sell them on for huge profit.

“Clearly there isn’t the same depth of talent available in Japan as there is in the likes of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

“But the same principle still applies, albeit on a smaller scale. No one is asking Celtic to sign half-a-dozen young Brazilians every other year.” [Daily Record]

Celtic have had many managers in the past that have wasted money on transfers, especially in recent years with Barkas and Ajet both costing around about £5 million and struggling to get a seat on the bench. Ange has got his strategy and so far, so good.



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