CELTIC has taken a hilarious dig at Alexandro Bernabei’s former club Lanus after they jumped the gun and announced the defender signed for Celtic in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Supporters were awaiting an official communication from Celtic since last week, but it instead came from Lanus who dropped the news while Scotland sleeper.

Fans waking up early this morning got to find out from Lanus on social media that Celtic had indeed completed a deal for the player.

Celtic can be quite meticulous and we know for a fact they’ve held back signing announcements until they’ve got all their media coverage ready for it. Lanus throwing a spanner in the works meant a very hectic morning for the media team.

After getting the confirmation and announcement out on their own social media feed. The Bhoys social media team posted the below picture.

It’s a well known meme on channel 4 programme ‘Come Dine with Me’ when the host sarcastically congratulated the winner of the show before telling them to get lost.

Decent patter!


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