A Celtic Fan is still fighting for his life in hospital after violence broke out hours after the Glasgow Derby where it is alleged Rangers fans entered a pub and used knives on innocent fans.

There was trouble around the city after the game and serious questioned need to be asked.

Nil by Mouth have weighed into the debate over what’s best going forward to ensure the safety of people after these games.

It’s shocking in this day and age that there are people who use football as an excuse to go and cause serious harm to others because they’re not happy. The reality is, these scum bags are just looking for an excuse to cause problems and incite violence.

Nil by Mouth David Scott told the Scotsman that moving the Glasgow Derby game to a Monday night could stop many incidents from happening.

“We’ve had a terrible 48 hours after the game – one of the most extremely serious incidents that we’ve had in a long time.

“It used to be that the games were changed to earlier on a Sunday because people would be getting tanked up before the games – but now they are getting tanked up after the games instead.

If they had a 7.45pm kick-off on a Monday or a Tuesday, that way people have to go to their work before it and their work afterwards.

“It’s a tricky one.

“What went on the other evening happened outside the club so we can’t punish a football club for something that went on outside their grounds.

“There should be a fixture split in a week’s time and it’s not unusual for fixtures to be changed to suit television schedules and the sponsorship there.

“We need to make sure they fit public safety.

“My sense is that if a game was on a Monday or Tuesday night at 7.45pm, then that would be a lot tighter for people who are working.

“There wouldn’t be the scope to take alcohol before – or to face the consequences the next day of work with a hangover.”

We have to look beyond football for answers at this point and while it may stop the police being called out to a drunken argument or someone peeing in the street, we don’t see this measure stopping people who want to cause harm to others.


  1. This guys got quite a lot to say about this subject at the moment …. silence was deafening after Sinclair was racially abused last season at ibrokes and broonie was attacked on the pitch by an enraged sevco fan ( I can only assume Scott smiled at him just before the attack ? ) conspicuously quiet after those incidents and others ? Unless of course I’m wrong ? ….. nil by mouth right enough .

  2. David Scott’s ideas are all good and well but when is he going to call or the group of fans who’ve been carrying out these stabbings? Three Celtic fans stabbed after the last Derby and a Friday stabbed earlier this season. This is not a football problem but a problem with a section of fans from one particular club.

  3. Saturday K.o. at 13:00 and keep the pubs closed until 16:30 Means no trouble before nor imediately after. And more fuzz on streets after. Rather than behind drones and cctv monitors. And all fans behave themselfs. Can’t rely on any of that, but think of everybody else who has too avoid Glasgow for the derby.


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