It’s going to take a lot for Celtic fans to even remotely forgive Brendan Rodgers for jumping ship when he did, especially this soon after the events.

However, could he redeem himself in the summer by handing Celtic a massive transfer boost for nine in a row?

The Irishman was fielding questions about his current side and where he sees things going next season. When asked about Filip Benkovic, the man he brought to Celtic Park on loan last summer, he was not certain about the Croatian’s future.

Brendan knows Filip’s qualities but the manager wouldn’t commit to saying what his plans are for the defender.

“We will have a look in the summer. The idea was to get him out on loan where he can get experience and feel pressure.” Rodgers told Leicester Mercury.

“He obviously has been playing at Celtic with 60,000 plus and the weight of expectation to win every game, so he was going to be okaying with pressure. That is what he has done, not so much the second half of the season, but we will take him back and have a look to see where we go from there.”

This could go a couple of ways; Rodgers could keep Benkovic at City and look to give him a chance next season or the Irishman could opt to send him back out on loan to get more game time.

If Rodgers did the latter and Celtic were not in the conversation it would further damage his already fragile status at the club.

However, if he let the big man stay up north another year, some could be inclined to cut him some slack. Not that this will enter into Rodgers’ thinking.


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