CHELSEA FANS are becoming increasingly concerned with the lack of game time for Charly Musonda.

Even though the Celtic manager has told the media on several occasions that Charly is here for. another season and he is happy to bide his time with this season wrapping up.

Chelsea blogs and fans on social media have been whipping themselves into a frenzy over Charly’s lack of games and putting it out there that Chelsea should recall the star.

With Celtic in the driver’s seat when it comes to the players immediate future, if Brendan Rodgers wants to keep the player for next season then he will.

Charly looks like he has integrated socially well into the squad and went to Tenerife with the lads after their derby title win on Sunday.

Celtic have major designs in making in-roads in Europe and as we saw at a glance – Charly can  turn on that little bit of magic that Celtic will need next term


  1. No interest at all in what Sevcos cousin’s have too say,as this kid continued to be largely ignored by staff at chelsea charley was not strong enough for this season but u watch him next season when he knows more about scottish game and understands more how celtic play and expect from there players

  2. Send him back. Charley big potatoes, 40 grand a week primadonna. Who cares what Chelsea supporters say, thought they would be too bust at their EDL meetings. Can’t get a game because he is not as good as what we have.


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