CELTIC FANS have been left scratching their heads this morning over the apparent leak of a transfer meeting document detailing the clubs position on players at the club and targets they have this summer.

The documents in question looked very sketchy when they made their way onto social media last night. Crumpled up pieces of paper with spelling mistakes and a flimsy looking letterhead.

However, overnight it appears to have been confirmed as legit by Scottish MailSport Chief Stephen McGowan – a journalist known for getting scoops from the club and having contacts at Parkhead.

Stephen answered a fan’s question on its legitimacy and he left no room for interpretation with his one-word response.


If you have read the document it details the ambition or lack thereof in terms of who Celtic may be going for this summer. Behind the scenes, it has been reported that Parkhead chiefs are furious about the leak and have launched a probe into how it has got into the public domain.

An absolute shambles.


  1. Which targets were identified? Everyone is ‘shocked’ by the lack of ambition. So who is on the list? Maybe the leaker has done us a favour if it is a list of no-marks.


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