CHRIS SUTTON has been left with a bit of egg on his face after telling Celtic Fans during a live TV broadcast last week that the club were close to signing Birger Meling. The Englishman seemed sure as he spoke in front of the BT cameras but nothing has materialised.

Naturally, during a question and answer session with the BT panel before ST Mirren took on The Rangers, a Celtic fan asked what has happened to the deal and Sutton’s sources?

Chris seemed coy, made a joke about not paying his sources this week before completely moving onto talking about Greg Taylor and Celtic’s need for a left-back.

So it appears Chris Sutton has called this one wrong.

It never made sense Rosenborg or Meling would be willing to do a deal before their Champions League play-off round match. They trail Dinamo Zagreb 2-0 from the first leg and now have just an outside chance of qualifying for the group stage.

Celtic have just over a week to get deals done, a left-back is high on the agenda.


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